13/06/23 | General

End of an Era Tournament at Manor Road

Author: Roy Kettle


On Saturday 10th June Manor Road Tennis Club held an ‘End of an Era Tournament and Afternoon Tea’ event to mark the last weeks at their home for over 70 years before the much anticipated move to 4 brand new all weather courts 50M up the road in the beautiful surroundings of the walled garden at Lymm Rugby Club.

Existing members along with some past members, who had travelled to the event with dusted down racquets, played in the tournament and were joined later in the very hot afternoon by past member’s from all decades of the club. Can’t give away ages but the earliest past tennis member from 1957, John Sutton, attended along with his wife Jean, a ladies team member from past years. The eldest current playing member, Ralph Chambers, played in the tournament and as idea of his long reign he will very soon celebrate with his wife Pam, a seaside break celebrating 70 years of marriage! A truly remarkable gent.

It was a great send off for the ‘old club’ and to attract new members to our bigger set up at the rugby club we attended the Rugby Mini’s and Junior Rugby Presentation Event on Sunday morning in order to promote the new courts, which were looking splendid, and to attract new members . This also was a great success; loads of interest and keen to know when people can start to play on the new courts. “Not long now” we told them “keep looking on the Lymm RFC or Manor Road webpage for the opening date”.


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