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The Lymm Scrummager is laid out in newspaper column style for members Past & Present, or even guest contributors, to feature any photos, memories and anecdotes from their days at Lymm Rugby Club. Each story block can be accessed in full by clicking on the <VIEW> icon.

It is not a forum, the idea is to encourage people to share their stories and entertain us all.

We would love to hear from you even if it’s just a simple message of greeting.

Messages by email to Peter Cornelia at the following email address who will edit and post them onto the website.

8th April 2020VIEW >

Lionel Cockayne

AN Oldpfartt

I came to live in High Legh in 1974, age 35 and watched a few games at Lymm, but had retired from rugby with a bad injury and unable to play. So I gradually became more immersed in the touchline support and social activity of thr club. Lymm historians may correct me but I might be the longest non-playing supporter, currently supporting as best I can.


8th April 2020VIEW >

Jim Knowles

It was an April Wednesday evening in 1969 at Ormskirk RUFC, just enough daylight for a full match, when history was made:

4th April 2020VIEW >

Steve Ashall

Lymm Veterans Circa 2000

Shuffling through some old team photos, I came upon this photo from possibly the late 1990’s early 2000’s. I’m not sure exactly, so if anybody can date it more precisely, or wish to add any other information, email Peter Cornelia at and he will amend this posting:

2nd April 2020VIEW >

Adam Fletcher

My All Time XV

With most of us on Lockdown at home; the club closed and no rugby; no June marquee events to look forward to; with this Covid-19 pandemic blighting all our lives: Maybe we could all benefit from a little light hearted and hopefully humorous reflection on 60 years of our fantastic club, as it celebrates its Diamond Anniversary.

The ‘Lymm Scrummager’ section of our website, is an ideal place for people to share their anecdotes and memories from whatever decade of the clubs history they chose. It can be about Rugby; Club Characters and Personalities; Social Activities; who introduced you to the club etc., etc., whatever you wish. Of course they have to be fit to publish onto our public website. It would be nice to get each decade of the club represented. So, stop watching the doom and gloom on the news and send your stories to Peter Cornelia at prior to us posting them.

This is our Head Coach and DoR, Adam Fletcher’s idea and he is starting us off with the following. We look forward to hearing from you.

My All Time XV:

2nd April 2020VIEW >

Neil Allen

Follow up to Adam’s post.

Great idea, I started watching Lymm around 2000, when the ball rarely got beyond the half-backs and Beechwood was a bit of a mud bath. Then played a little (yes really) and didn’t watch so much, finally became a fully fledged ali from around 2010. This team therefore reflects the last 10-years…………….

My All Time XV:

2nd April 2020VIEW >


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