02/01/21 | General

Many positives from a tough and frustrating year at Lymm Rugby Club


WHILE from a playing perspective, it has been a really tough and frustrating year at Lymm Rugby Club, the coaches and players found many positives for having the time off.

Director of Rugby Adam Fletcher and Will Hind, Chair of the Mini and Junior section, have reflected on activity and progress over the last six months.

“In the summer we welcomed lots of new faces and even some old faces and the general mood around the senior squad was super-positive. Injuries were allowed to heal and squad members could work hard on rehabilitation,” commented Adam.

“The rugby roadmap actually allowed us to put together a really strong summer training plan. The focus was primarily on improving individual core skills and fitness. We also enjoyed a lot of fun sessions due to not having the pressure of games looming.

“The Tier Three restrictions, news of no league rugby and Lockdown Two hit everyone hard. We didn’t have the long summer nights to keep our spirits up and these last six weeks have been a lot tougher than the first Lockdown.

“Throughout the pandemic, the squad showed the upmost respect for the restrictions and guidelines. Temperature checks, sanitising regularly and working in small groups became the norm. As a coaching team we have actually learnt a lot more about the squad due to not having to focus primarily on rugby,” he concluded.

“Up until Lockdown the Mini and Junior section at Lymm was very active on Sunday mornings on the ‘Ready4Rugby’ pathway, all training by doing a modified version of Touch Rugby,’ said Will Hind, head of the M&J’s.

“Using this format several teams had ‘matches’ against various local competition and all in a COVID-compliant manner. Those who did not have any matches were still really enjoying the run-outs to train with high attendances every week.”


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