20/11/18 | General

Tom Bray – Player Profile

Author: Peter Cornelia


Q. When did you start playing rugby?

A. I started rugby at 8 years old playing for Lymm under 9’s and then played through all the M&J teams to Senior Colts. I’ve now had 10 seasons in the first team.

Q. Have you always played for Lymm?

A. Yes, apart from Sheffield, when I was at University.

Q. What did you study?

A. Physical Education and Youth Sport

Q. You’ve just got a new job within rugby. Can you tell us more?

A. Yes, I am now a rugby coach with Dallaglio Rugby Works

Q. Can you tell us about the company?

A. It’s a charity that uses rugby as a basis to help children between 14-16 yrs old who have been excluded from mainstream education, to embrace the values of rugby such as respect, team-working, decision making. This invariably raises their confidence levels and self-esteem, ultimately to assist them into full time employment.

Q. Is there any way club members could assist you?

A. Yes. We are looking to build a network of businesses who would host events showing how their business works and also for work placement opportunities. These teenagers who experience the work environment on 4 occasions or more, during this engagement with us, are 30% more likely to find full time employment.


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