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Lymm RFC Centurions Crowdfunding Appeal

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Lymm RFC Crowdfunding Centurions

Lymm RFC Centurions Crowdfunding  Appeal

Lymm Rugby Club is launching the Centurions Crowdfunding Appeal with the aim of creating a Lymm RFC COVID19 and Development Fund. The club has applied for Sport England match-funding and is hopeful this will be supported.

Initial funding target of £10,000.

If Lymm RFC can raise the first £5,000 from over 100 donors, we are optimistic Sport England will pledge to match our £10,000 target with a further £10,000. In addition, with the potential for the donations to be Gift Aided, this project could raise up to £22,500.

Lymm RFC therefore needs to sign up a minimum of 100 donors to this scheme (members, family members, local businesses and non-members) to demonstrate sufficient wide spread support for the project and meeting one of the key tests to qualify for Sport England support – the 100 donors could include, for example, multiple members of the same family or household.

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Lymm RFC

Lymm RFC, a registered charity, was established in 1960 and is a true community club. Having played in the 5th tier of English rugby for the past 10 seasons, puts the club in the top 100 rugby union clubs in the country.  For many years, a key strength of our club has been our 350-400 strong Mini, Juniors & Colts rugby section, which has been successful in providing the vast majority of our senior rugby players.  In addition to rugby, we currently support squash, hockey, touch rugby and most recently tennis, and, in the past, rugby league and netball.

How is Lymm RFC run and financed?

As a community club, the rugby club has always ‘made ends meet’ through regular fund-raising events and generating sponsorship, predominantly from local businesses.  Key events are our annual Pantomime, which has now been running for over 30 years, written and performed by club members playing to an audience of 1,500 over 8 performances, and our Summer Marquee events, held in June.  These two events generate a surplus of around £70,000 which is vital to balance the books.

How has Covid-19 affected us?

Covid-19 has reduced social income significantly forcing the cancellation of our Summer Marquee events, as well as the Panto. In all, the club faces a £100,000 shortfall in income.

How will this Crowdfunding project help?

Throughout the summer and into autumn, despite introducing cost cutting measures wherever possible we have a range of costs which, we will struggle to fund, including:

  • Grounds upkeep and maintenance
  • Equipment.
  • Repair and maintenance of changing, showering, physio and social facilities
  • Additional safety measures that will be necessary as a consequence of Covid-19

What does this mean to the community?

With your support, you can help ensure that these essential areas of expenditure are covered and that Lymm RFC will be able to provide safe playing and social facilities to support the pursuit of sport in our community now and in the future.


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