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Lymm Rugby Club – one big family!

Author: Simon Plumb


After an outstanding run of the Lymm Panto ‘Spank & Stein’,  here is a piece that ran in the Panto Programme, informing our audiences what Lymm Rugby Club is all about!

We felt it was worth repeating on the website.

“A few years ago the Rugby Football Union recognised something very important has been happening at Lymm Rugby Club.

Our club was one of the last few to be chosen to host an Artificial Grass Pitches laid in the UK. After recent budget cuts at Twickenham HQ there was some doubt it would happen but we got there…. just!

The result is there for all to see, admire and be proud of – an excellent, world-class sports facility available not only for the teams of Lymm, young and old, but for the region’s wider sporting community, and beyond.

So, what is it about this community-oriented club, in leafy Cheshire, that persuaded the RFU to partner so strongly with us? My guess is that they recognised not only our central, North West location but also our long track record for reliability, integrity and the deep, family-based culture we operate within.

If you are lucky enough to be part of a big family, as I am, you will know how important it is to one’s stability, confidence and happiness, firm in the knowledge you are loved. We pass these values on to our kids, implicitly or sometimes by accident, but they remain with us as a solid foundation, in good times and bad, throughout our lives.

So how does this translate in Lymm Rugby Club? Well, quite simply, when you and your children get involved here you are joining a huge family – one you can rely on, that will be there for you, for as long as you need. You are making lifelong friends, and that is a promise!

We have so many examples, historically and recently, of children joining the club from five years old and upwards, dragging their parents with them, and playing into adulthood for the senior teams. So often, former players and parents become dedicated club members once they experience and recognise they are involved with ONE BIG FAMILY!

Feel the love – be part of the Lymm Rugby Club family!”

Simon Plumb

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