13/06/20 | General

Return to Rugby

Author: Rick Johnson


The RFU has produced a road map for returning to rugby. It shows 6 stages to moving back to
competitive playing in the Community game which is the currently at the second level. Unfortunately the timescales for moving on the the next stage are not defined by the RFU and will be dependent on government advice and progress in the fight against the Covid-19 virus.

The good news from the Club’s perspective is that the senior squad is proposing to return to the training pitch on Thursday 18 June. They will train in small groups of 5, each with one coach. Depending on the turnout there may have to be two sessions. Coaches will sanitise rugby balls before and after each session and Director of Rugby, Adam Fletcher, will also take everyone’s temperature beforehand.
With the date for the return to full rugby uncertain there is a natural caution on doing too much too soon but the boys are keen to get back to training and looking forward to re-grouping face to face. Here’s hoping they all stay healthy and enjoy being back at Beechwood.

The M&J coaches have decided not to return to training just yet but this will be reviewed again
once we are allowed to move to the next stage.


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