26/07/20 | Obituaries

Message to all Club Members from Paul Johnston

Author: Paul Johnston


Dear Friends,

What am I going to do without Brenda, she was everything to me!

My partner, my companion, my soulmate, my lover . . .

She was my playmate, my confidant, my business partner, my financial adviser and definitely my social secretary – I could go on . . .

Latterly she became my full time nurse and my voice!

What am I going to do without her?

Well, I am going to rebuild my life as best and as quickly as I can, because that is what Brenda would have wanted me to do!

Since Brenda passed away I have received so many kind and supportive messages from all of our loving friends and from all aspects of our lives. It was so touching for me and my family to see so many of you at the club as the cortege drove through the club car park prior to the funeral service – Thank You!

Your thoughts and words have meant the world to me and are helping me to cope with my loss. Thank you for being here to support me.

Yours . . .  Paj


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